Vaccines You Should Give to Your New Puppy

A few vaccines are mandatory for your new puppy. These include a Canine influenza subcutaneously killed vaccine and a parvovirus vaccine. Any of the above vaccines may need boosters. If you adopt a puppy, it will also be vaccinated against hepatitis. Boosters are recommended for any of these vaccines. For more information, read on. Canine … Read more

How to Make Your Puppy Happy

If you want your puppy to be happy, there are a few things you can do to help it become so. One way to increase your puppy’s happiness is to rotate his toys. Rotating his toys will keep them feeling new. Try to rotate them weekly or monthly, so they’ll remember which ones they like … Read more

What You Should Know About Puppy’s Live Insurance

If you own a puppy, then it is likely that you have been wondering about Puppy’s live insurance. Before deciding to purchase such coverage, you should understand the basics of pet life insurance. This article will cover the different types of coverage available, as well as the cost of the policy and the waiting periods … Read more

Adopted Puppy Needs a Crate

Before adopting a puppy, consider what this new member of the family will need. This will include grooming, exercise, and poop scooping. Your entire family will need to participate in the care of this new member of the family. Even if you’ve previously trained your dog, you’ll want to reinforce those commands with your new … Read more